Saturday, 25 October 2008

More family, more food.

What do the biscuits we baked yesterday, the cake we decorated yesterday, this giant salmon, and a wide variety of different salads have in common?

Why are the families gathering?And is this really the cutest baby ever?Oh, and why does the making of (and testing of) thisautomatically lead to this?

And, as a side note, why are all my photos tiny today?

Tune in tomorrow for an exciting explanation for all of this except the photo one, all suggestions gratefully received!.



Doorless said...

I'll be right over. I love Salmon and it looks like a party to me.. Not much help with the picture thing!

Anonymous said...

Erm....a christening?

Becca said...

Chocolate covered girls = shared shower?

Tia said...

Thanksgiving service which is pretty similar to a Christening except I only had to make promises on my own behalf, not promise that the girls would be Christians. And yep, chocolate coated girls = shared shower.

It was a shared bath tonight, or would have been. But Little Fish spent the whole 30 seconds she was in the bath saying "I not happy Mummy I not happy Mummy I NOT HAPPY" so I threw her into bed instead. Where she promptly threw up. Joy...



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