Friday, 24 October 2008

Too much life to blog

Sorry about that. Lots I can't share, lots which would be tedious to share (Mog continues to wail on for several hours most evenings, and is waking at around 2 AM most nights then wants to be up for the day from 5, Comeback feels the need to get vocal at around 3 most mornings, and I am tired. Told you it was boring). And some nice things too.

Thanks to Mog's early start (and her handy ability to fall asleep again by 8AM for an hour or two, nice for her but too late for me), Little Fish and I took some of this:All stirred and sneezed on personally by Little Fish, I just had to measure the ingredients and answer the inevitable whys.

So we took the above gloop, and turned it into these:which we put into the oven until they looked like this:You'll notice Little Fish checking the recipe book; she and I both want to know how we took a recipe for 12 cookies, doubled it, and came out with 66 of the things. Can only assume that these things happen for a reason, and that if we eat 42 of them no one will be any the wiser.

We then took a very large sponge cake I baked earlier this week, and covered it with hot sticky blackberry jam. More whys from Little Fish. And then we covered it with icing, until it looked like this:Jane Asher, eat your heart out.

OK so it isn't perfect, and in fact the cake underneath it broke in several places when I took it out of the grill pan cake tin, but I'm sure it'll taste ok.

Then the family descended and we went to the park. And then we came home, where Little Fish and cousin Minnow decorated the cake for us.
It took them at least an hour, during which time we adults got to sit back and drink coffee, always a bonus.

Minnow informed me that I should introduce her baby brother, pictured here in the parkand here in our ball pool.She tells me that he needs a blog name, and that this name should be Tadpole. So please welcome Tadpole to our blog. Here he is being very advanced for his age and counting up the number of balls in the pool.

And here is the cake, as decorated by the girlsclick on the photo for a supersized image, if you wish to see it in all its glory. The big brown shapes are clouds and cows, the small brown shapes are apparently snowballs. The wobbles at the edges are where little fingers have attempted to munch on the icing.

Now Mog has begun her nightly wails in earnest and I must go and sort her.


Anonymous said...

They did a lovely job decorating the cake and it sounds as if it should taste wonderful.

MOM2_4 said...

Praying you can figure out what Mog's problem is so that she will settle down.

The cake is beautiful!!



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