Sunday, 26 October 2008

Easy Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Congratulations to the anonymous one who guessed a Christening. Not a Christening, but a Thanksgiving for both girls. Similar to a Baptism but thanking God for the girls' lives, and promising to do my best by them. I can't promise to bring my children up to be Christians, I can only promise to bring them up knowing God - the rest is up to them. Oh, plus, both girls were Baptised as infants before they came to our family. So we stood up in front of the church, I promised to to my best for the girls, and my friends, family and the congregation promised to help me do so. Nice.

No photos from the day as I didn't take any. I know others did, so if anyone has a nice one they wouldn't mind sharing I'd be very happy to steal it and impress people with my photo skills post it with full credit to you.

In the meantime, and in the interests of sharing a part of the day at least, here's the recipe for that chocolate mousse.

Take 1lb 12 oz plain chocolate, break it up into a pan and melt it over a very low heat, stirring at times. Remove from heat once melted.

Meanwhile, take 2 (UK*) pints of double cream, stir in 6 heaping spoons of icing sugar, and whisk until thick.

Pour the melted chocolate into the cream mixture and stir until all combined. Add any flavourings you fancy here - Cointreau goes down well, so does rum or even a bit of strong coffee or orange juice. Raisins and nuts will give you a mousse version of a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bar, nougat, honey and almonds will give you a Toblerone. Or of course you can simply add Maltesers or small bits of chopped chocolate.

Shovel it into a large bowl. Grate some chocolate onto the top and refridgerate until chilled.

The original recipe was 150mls double cream, 100g plain chocolate, and 25g sugar. If you don't need to feed multitudes, you might want to start with that. There wasn't any left of ours though.

I wasn't sure whether I needed single or double cream, so I bought both on the theory the other would go down nicely with the apple pies. Now I have 2 pints of single cream with a best before date of I think Tuesday. Anyone got any suggestions for things to do with 2 pints of single cream?

*note to US readers - 1 pint = 20 floz giving us the rhyme "A pint of pure water weighs a pound and a quarter". This makes me smile when I hear the transatlantic equivalent "A pint weighs a pound the world around" - not in our part of the world it doesn't!


jenny said...

That mousse sound delicious, I'm just trying to work out if I could manage it on my diet. My best idea is that if I stand up while eating it and eat it fast (that would be no problem) it might not touch the side and be ok!

Tia said...

Jenny I'm sure that would be fine - perhaps if you wiggled your toes at the same time it would burn extra calories too? Alternatively, I don't know if you have a disabled child yourself, but you could consider a few of the one minute workouts from the Special Parent Olympics I posted about on Wednesday.


Robyn said...

hope today went well, xxx

Elinor said...

Congratulations Tia!

The mousse looks yummy, how about a nice egg custard with the single cream or are eggs a dietary no-no in your house?

Tina said...

wonderful day, thank you for allowing us to share it. the mousse was delicious...Rosie managed two bowlfuls... the Salmon was delcious was everything else that passed my lips...and there was quite a bit that did...oops!
The girls were all pleased to see each other again I think!

Tia said...

ooo egg custard, what an excellent suggestion. Thank you! We do eat eggs, it's just that most mousse recipes have raw eggs in them and I don't like serving food with raw egg in to a group containing very vulnerable children and elderly relatives.



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