Monday, 20 April 2009

Attack of the mutant laundry monster

The trouble with going away is that you have to come back. And when you do, there's quite a lot to catch up on.
She fought back well thoughAnd so did I; six loads in and it's nearly vanquished. Only problem is that with three children, all of whom can produce a variety of different bodily fluids almost to order, the "clothes which need washing but which were clean when we got home and can therefore wait a bit" pile is now very nearly as large as the "clothes which have been festering in a fortnight because they were too disgusting to even think about handwashing in a nice hotel" pile.

Ah well.



Silje said...

Love the pictures!! I would do laundry any day with that little helper!

Robyn said...

LOLOL! love it!

Tina said...

If you can vanquich the laundry mosnter ever you are a better man than me Gungadin!
What a cheekey smile though
C sends her a big hug!


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