Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Mog came home from school on the last day of term wearing this.
I think it's safe to say she was seriously underwhelmed.

Her sisters were somewhat happier with the stacks of chocolate she also brought. Little Fish enjoyed wheeling over the folder Mog had made for all her artwork, and Mog herself consented to enjoy stroking a toy dog she had won in school.

A good end to a generally good term, I think.


Michelle said...

Oh I love the Easter Bonnet! Have a good holiday. Take lots of pictures.

Michelle & girls in USA

Sara x said...

The bonnet is beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday x Hugs for both beautiful girls xx

Doorless said...

Awesome hat! Have a great Holiday.

AlisonM said...

Our hat was cool, but unappreciated too, until the dog got it...oops!


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