Thursday, 23 April 2009

Special deliveries

Today, the postman brought a card inviting us to stick expensive stamps on it and post it back to the post office at which point they would post a letter back to us. Didn't give any details about the letter except that we needed to pay for the privilege of receiving it. I'm not sure if that counts as a delivery or not.

This little lot landed on our doorstep at 8.30 this morningOne month's supplies of disposable plastic bottles and lines for the girls' feed pumps. That doesn't include the feed itself, the syringes, the vast quantities of medication, nor any of the above for the TA Kid (henceforth known as the Wahooligan for reasons best known to those familiar with the wee beastie child).

Delivered to the GP surgery not to the house but collected from there by us, the following collectionOne month's incontinence supplies, again for my girls but not the Wahooligan, and not including the wipes or gloves or aprons or spray or any of the other bits of cleaning equipment. Oh, and not including the catheters either which do get delivered, one giant box containing many packing peanuts and one smaller box which then contains ten cigar sized boxes and a small bottle of alcohol gel. I get the whole "we are discreet" thing but surely just not printing advertising on the outside of the smaller box and then sending that by itself would do?

This pretty thing was delivered to my phone via Little Fish, who is very pleased with herself.Myself, I think she's managed to perform some kind of brain scan on me whilst I wasn't looking.

And last but by no means least, Mog was delivered home to us in style
I wonder what the good citizens of Oxfordshire made of that as it went past!

ps - she was in the car not in the wheelchair, although had they managed to get it upright I'm sure she'd have enjoyed the ride.


Michelle said...

Oh we just got supplies yesterday. I should have thought to get a picture of it all.... seems very familiar!

Michelle & girls in USA

Trina said...

LOL....We just got a boatload yesterday and I'm "just now" getting it put away...Course they once again forgot things and brought wrong items that need swapped out. You won't believe what they mixed up. Of all things they mixed up the trachs! Can you believe that? After all the hoopla we've had about the Bivonas they go and send to Shileys yet on the invoice they charged for BIVONAS...Yep! Craziness I tell ya....They were spose to bring all the mix-ups back today but do you think we saw that little white van pull in our driveway? Nope! No worries though we have enough on hand for once ;) Talk later!

Trina and Jophie

Doorless said...

How to instantly make your house smaller. Just get a months supply for three kiddos!I bet Mog would have gotten a hoot outof ridding on top of the car! Alicia would have been screaming and laughing all the way as loud as she could!

MOM2_4 said...

Nothing like a months worth of supplies to keep you busy and make your house a bit smaller. WHEW!!

Was LF eyeing the stack like a stack of building blocks, wondering how many she could move before they all fell over? I'm pretty sure the pictures shows her thinking about it ;o)

Hugs & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
Isn`t it amazing all those hidden spaces you find to store the disposables.Then you think you have run out,panic,only to discover you hid some in a suitcase!Really made me laugh,thanks.


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