Sunday, 19 April 2009


Have boiled a camera-full down to a few, for anyone interested. And for anyone uninterested, I promise normal service will be resumed shortly. As soon as we have figured out what passes for normal anyway*. I understand there may be ads appearing beside the slides; I have no control over what ads they are. It was just a quicker way of bumping them up here. So please don't shoot me if they're horrid!

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*which reminds me; I'd really like a cover for my iPhone with "Don't Panic" written in large, friendly, letters on the back. Anyone know of a good source?


Anonymous said...

fantastic pics and great quality too - were they taken on your iphone?

Doorless said...

Thanks. It was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful views! What a lovely time you all had--I'd also give you the brave award--for not letting wheelchairs stop you!

Michelle said...

Oh thanks for sharing vacation with us! I especially liked the Lion of Lucern.
Michelle & Emily

sarah bess said...

Fab! Enjoyed them so much.

Tia said...

No they were taken on my regular camera; much nicer.


Claire said...

Wow, you described your trip to Interlaken so much better than my brother when he was 13. It's beautiful, he just said "We were the oldest there and could go to Mc Donald's on our own! They have cutlery!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.And more!

MOM2_4 said...



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