Friday, 17 April 2009


A fortnight felt like forever when it began. And suddenly today was our last day. We decided to ignore the weather forecast and take a boat to Spiez. Good choice. Fabulous views, minimal effort. Always handy. The plan was then to prowl around Spiez as many a mythical schoolgirl has done before us, and then catch a train back to Interlaken and enjoy a day well spent. We did the boat. Prowling was hampered by the small issue of Spiez being based on the side of a mountain. We hiked to the train station. Then sat exhausted and drinking coffee before catching a train back here again. One final meal and two girls in bed, now two friends just sitting chatting and making the most of one last evening together before home and reality again.

One seized day.


Tina said...

so glad you have had so many wonderful moments/hours/days.
Safe journey home!

Doorless said...

It is so hard to call an end to a vacation. Have a safe trip home with lots of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing with us.

Trina said...

Wooooah! I love that picture! I fully expect to see "The Waterhorse" coming flying outta the water any second! Have a safe trip home...Can't wait for you to get back! :)

Trina and Jophie

Anonymous said...

Two weeks gone far too quickly here too! Glad you've had a lovely time.
L x

Anonymous said...

Wow you all deserved this fabulous break,thank you so much for sharing your wonderful holiday.


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