Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Shopping for boys

is no fun. Especially here, in the one shop which still sells children's clothing.

Now if I'd wanted something for the girls I had some choice.
Quite a lot of choice, actually.
But apparently boys don't need choice. So what we got was this:
But then, roadside pukers can't always be choosers. And it does at least nearly fit...

On the plus side, I may have found a way to skip the queue when handing children in to preschool. Take one small child in a buggy, face the many slightly earlier mothers with their super clean children, and watch one small child do a projectile vomit. They decided we didn't need to wait our turn. And Little Fish decided it was the most exciting thing ever and totally forgot to worry about who was picking her up.

One small child mostly mopped with the aid of a couple of muslins and a packet of wipes. Puke puddle on lap cunningly disguised by artfully draping child with designer cardigan, I called in at the chemist for dioralyte on the way home. And was then beguiled by the scent of fish and chips, and decided to grab myself some for lunch. I put them into the buggy's basket, carefully positioning them away from any drips, and headed home, thinking to myself that the vinegar should be soaked into the chips nicely by the time I had finished cleaning the small child, and so I ought to have just long enough to eat them before our next appointment. It was only after this that I realised just possibly the reaction of the average parent to a small child's projectile vomit would not be "oh, better buy chips for lunch as won't have time to cook" but something more along the lines of either "yuck, sick!" or else "oh my poor baby, let's rush you home and get you sorted out". It's possible I am no longer entirely normal...



Anonymous said...

Isn't is amazing how a "calloused-maybe hardened" those of us who are "no longer normal" can get :>) especially in our "normal" situtations. It didn't seem strange to me--I can see myself doing the same thing that you did.
By the way who defines normal anyway? :>)

Trina said...

Ahhh yes! You definitely need to let your little clothes shop know how much cuter that little toad will look in blue rather than all those pink things! haha


MOM2_4 said...

What is with the poor choice for boys' clothing? Little guy will look cute as a bug in his new Thomas fleece, but come on people. Boys need choices, too!!

I am so glad I have a good children's clothing shop near by that has plenty of boys as well as girls choices. I did have a horrid time finding pants yesterday, seems it's the season for shorts. There is also an over abundance of superhero ickyness, but at least they do still have choices and I managed to come home with a lovely assortment which Josh is trying his hardest to go through in as short a time as possible!

Had to giggle at your lunch. Average parents just don't understand LIFE. ;o)


Anonymous said...

I know you know the "water feature" at epicot in Florida. Welllllll my 3 got completely soaked. Left them with hubby while i went in search for clothes. Girls were fine got them lovely tinkerbell outfits. But A ?? the only thing i could find in that big shop and i searched through it 3 times were PJ'S!!

AlisonM said...

only possibly no longer normal??? You mean it could get worse??!!

Tia said...

Trina you need to get your boys' outfits going again - I'll buy a couple!

Col yes I remember the water feature - good times.

Alison - haven't you learnt yet? It can always get worse!


Jules said...



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