Thursday, 9 April 2009

More from Lucerne

Another quiet pootling day today. Our mission; to find a second wooden bridge, to see the city wall, to eat pastries and drink coffee in a Conditorei, and to sit down at lunch time. We acheived some but not all of that. The second bridge, painted with scenes from the danse macabre, was impressive. The city walls we saw from a distance and admired. The bakery had no seats, and the yummy pastries turned out not to be filled with confectioners custard but with a very strong cherry liquour. Not quite so good for the littlies.

A good day still, if you excuse Little Fish's prolongued tantrum over not being allowed to push her suitcase through the town. She's four, I think we can probably just about excuse it. Friend is developing a good "nothing to see here, nothing to do with me" skin which is handy at these times.

Back to the hotel early and time to pack half our bags; such is the efficiency of the Swiss rail system that we can send these on ahead of us to our next destination. That's our job for today then; to get the four of us plus four ridiculously huge cases from here to the train station. And then recover with coffee. And properly creamy custardy cakes. Followed by apriwl aroundthe remaining section of the city, possibly followed by a short boat trip to a child's playground if LF is in the mood. And if Mog makes a proper recovery; she is at present slumping beside me fighting off a dose of Midazolam having spent enough of the wee small hours twitching and jerking to render it necessary. It has worked, the seizure monster has been slain for now, but she is scared to fall asleep again unless there is a return. Which is why I get to be posting this now. Lucky you!


Michelle said...

Praying for fun filled days ahead!

Michelle & girls in USA

Doorless said...

Praying Mog gets better and you all have another fun day and safe travel.

Tina said...

So glad you are having a good time...can just picture LF pushing the suitcase

Hope Mog recovers and SM visits no more!
In our prayers as always!


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