Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Blogging by mobile.

This should be a rather nice little view from yesterday.

Alternatively, it'll be a big wodge of cryptic numbers and letters.
Let's find out!

We had another pottering about kind of a day yesterday. Backwards and
forwards over the Chapel Bridge and a reasonable amount of shopping.

The girls have new shoes. They are very very happy. Friend and I are
struggling to come to terms with the fact that the chocolate we bought
yesterday was actually more expensive than the girls' new shoes. Oops.

It's an interesting experience for Friend and I; holidaying together
with my girls. She finds my ability to get the three of us up and
dressed in less time it takes her to do so amazing; I find her
inability to get herself up and dressed in the morning in anything
less than an hour fascinating. It's a good job we're friends! Little
Fish watches in awe as the routine is continued, occassionally asking
plaintively if it can be breakfast time yet. Mog looks on and takes
note of future demands. And the two of us move around in our morning
dance, me shuffling children into clothes and spares (clothing not
children) into bags, she inexplicably shuffling pieces of paper from
the pocket of one unworn pair of jeans into the pockets of another
unworn pair of jeans. This is fine; if it takes an hour then it takes
an hour, and we will be ready by the end of it. It's when Friend feels
bad about the hour it needs to help and starts trying to help we have

We have been friends for long enough thy her inability to function
speedily in the morning is entertaining rather than infuriating. I
hope we've also been friends long enough that my inability to take
things slowly in the morning, and the girls' needs to be up and doing,
is also endearing not ennervating. We've survived so far. And now
Friend is in the shower so I must dress the girls.


Edited to add that, to her enormous glee, the time I spent writing this ensured Friend was ready shortly before the rest of us. Oops!


Doorless said...

HA,ha, Just when you think you have it figured out a change up. Enjoy and thanks for the picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.
I am feeling really tired and low and when I read the Brown Stuff blog again it has so so cheered me up.So glad you are having a great time with your beautiful girls.Tia who write so vividly - its almost as if you are there.
Thanks again
Millgirl (Heather)

Tia said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling tired and low. We had another brown stuff kind of a day today - always fun in a hotel when the bathroom is up two flights of stairs and it's unseasonably hot out there. Glad it cheered you up though; makes it worth writing about.



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