Monday, 13 April 2009

Ballenberg museum

We walked. We walked halfway round a mountain. There was an open air museum. It was steep. Beautiful, but steep. We are tired. Very tired. And also a little achey. But I think we saw Heidi's house. It was fantastic. But halfway up a mountain. We are tired now.

Anyone know the german for "are there steps?" This would have been handy today.


Michelle said...

Oh, Heidi's house? Wow, you are really getting around. Have you heard any yodeling?

Doorless said...

heidis house! Awesome you did some walking!Sinde ihre schritte? Are there steps?

sarah bess said...

how are you managing all that with wheelchairs? you're so adventurous!

Tia said...

just to clarify, it wasn't actually Heidi's house- we saw a little wooden chalet which we both agreed was just right for her. Actually we saw several, but there was one in particular which had the right shutters for the hayloft and a byre for the goats.

How did wemanage with the wheelchairs? With great difficulty! We have left Mog's chair at home, so she is using her all terrain 3-wheeler. That's fine. But Little Fish has her tiny manual chair - at times as I walk pushing Mog by leaning horizontally, Friend pcks up LF and slings her over her shoulder, pulling the chair behind. Looks awfully difficult but Friend thinks ours looks harder so we're agreed that this way round is better.

We also get by with lots of help. Everyone is so helpful. Total strangers teamed up to help push Mog and carry LF's wheels up the steepest slope yesterday. Others stopped to advise us that the way was feasable but hard. Every time we get on or off a train the other passengers stoop to help us lift. And on the buses lots of people point us to where we should park up. Now one old lady decided the way to direct us was to herd us into the cornerby ramming our ankles repeatedly with her shopping trolley until we hopped overto where she felt we should be, but I'm sure she meantto be helpful really...

Everything is so punctual here. It is a revelation to us. You want the11.04 to Brienz? Be on it by that time. Punctuality and politeness war for control though- we nearly caused the guard to have a meltdown on our way home yesterday by running for the train and boarding at the very last second. He helped us, and the train was one 1 minute late, but we could see the struggle in his eyesbetween "must help these people" and "must blow whistle and make train depart". The train was 1 minute late. For a while we hadvisions that we had sent the entire Swiss transport network into chaos and confusion. Yay for us. But happily the minute was made upbsck in Interlaken. Phew.


Anonymous said...

Way to go. Changing a whole culture by being you!



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