Sunday, 5 April 2009


The weatherforecast was wrong. This is the good news. We have had a truly beautiful day just pottering about town, crossing ancient bridges and sampling less ancient pastries. Quoting Chalet School wherever we go, and discovering I can in fact understand and even speak rather more german than I had thought. Yay me! Did have to resort to "one this and one this please" for lunch though which was somewhat less impressive but we did achieve food so I don't quite count that as a failure.

Our hotel is great. Not the 4 bedded dorm we were expecting at all, but a nice suite of rooms with space to spread. Lovely. That's the good bit. Less good is the room location- on the second floor (3rd for my US friends!) with no lift. There is a coke and beer machine halfway up though. I can't decide whether that's great for the convenience or less great for the fact we have to lift the girls over it every time we come or go. Practice for the mountain trips though!

Tomorrow we're trying a mammoth trek- boat, mountain railway, cablecar then boat again and finally taxi. Should be an interesting experience; the lady at the tourist info booth blanched slightly at the idea of even attempting it with the girls. I'll let you know how it goes.

No photos as the laptop says this wireless connection doesn't exist, whilst my phone says the Internet is always out there but the photos are not. I'll attempt to combine the two at a later date.

And now it's bedtime.
Night all,


Alesha said...

thank you for my geography lesson for the day! : ) I find that I know certain areas of the globe, but am sadly lacking in others! So now, I am brushed up on the area around Switzerland.

So glad your rooms are nice. I can't wait to hear how your trip goes tomorrow! : ) If anybody can find a way to make it happen, I know it's you! : )


Doorless said...

You are so brave to attempt all that tomorrow with the girls. I wouldn't even be able to begin carrying my two up all those stairs!
I am so glad the weather is nice. I was praying it would be.
Have a great time. I'd love some of the food!

Anonymous said...

Yay. Have been missing my blog fix!

Really glad you are having fun and hope today is as good.



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