Wednesday, 27 May 2009

1,2,3,4, I declare camera war!

What do you get when two small children find a digital camera and a camera phone?
That's what!I think they had fun though!


Anonymous said...

Think yourself lucky I left mine unattended for 5 minutes and came back to not only a pile of photos from you tube of Ben 10 aliens (so I know who is who) but one had been made into my screen save!!

AlisonM said...

they did have fun didnt they! Thanks for the one of me though....thought you were my friend! Really enjoyed our day, kids have had a lovely time. xxx

Tia said...

I did run it past another friend first, and she thought you probably wouldn't kill me. But then, she doesn't know you, so she could be wrong - do I need to go on the run now? Or would more hobnob pie help?


AlisonM said...

ok, as its you, and that pie was scrummy....I'll let you off just this once!


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