Saturday, 2 May 2009


One week ago, we were struggling. I like this blog; it helps me to remember where we have been. I still feel as though we're struggling, but what we achieved today would have been an impossibility just seven days ago. Progress.

I even managed a lie-in today; Little Fish woke me at ten to seven this morning. And the challenge of a long drive to visit friends was decent enough motivation to get me up and out of bed. Half way through the breakfast round I thought to check what time we were due. Not 11 as I'd thought but 2.30. Excellent; I had just been given 3.5 hours.

So what do you do with 3.5 hours? In our case, apparently we stall. Breakfast slowed down, Mog decided to go back to sleep, I had a bath, and Little Fish threw a tantrum because I chose not to share it with her. She was placated though by my spending an hour or so sewing on her new blanket. Just the edges to do now and she'll be able to snuggle into it. Perfect timing; provide the child who can't control her own body heat with a heavy denim and sheepskin snuggly thing just in time for the hotter weather. Nice one.

A quick lunch round and time to go. All children loaded into the van, me in the driver's seat (despite second tantrum from LF; thanks so much to the relative who suggested she might like to help me drive. No, she isn't fooled by holding a toy steering wheel), we pull out of the driveway.

And then back into the driveway so that I can leap into the house and grab the present and a couple of spare nappies.

Out of the driveway and halfway round Oxford when I realise we don't have Little Fish's wheelchair. Oops but never mind, she'll want cuddles anyway so this way they're just justified. And then all the way around Oxford when I realise we also don't have Mog's suction. Less optional than the wheelchair really (although LF would dispute that), so home we go to pick them up and check the phone for messages.

Back on the road again and finally on our way. Mog singing in the breeze, Little Fish keeping me informed of everything I might have missed ("bus there, van there, left a bit oh NO turn round, oh roundabout oh stop, ooo bus, white care, mind that red car"), and the Wahooligan sleeping off his lunch. Beautifully clear roads, and we chug chugged along on our way into London.

Into London to visit a friend and her newly adopted daughter. A lovely afternoon with them and with other friends; Little Fish and Mog were very impressed to see their Courtney Courtney again. And then back into the van, and back home again, and three children into bed, and me sitting down thinking about what a nice day it had been.

And then chatting with friends and the newly adopted daughter is now in hospital having had a great big seizure just after we left (I probably ought to forgive her for puking all down my dress then). So we had a lovely day, but I suspect they will be having a somewhat less lovely night. And I'm not sure whether that cancels out the nice day or not or what. But very much hope that they have a boringly quiet night in hospital and can come home tomorrow to carry on with their celebration weekend.



sarah bess said...

I love all the "turned back for this, realized I forgot that" kind of thing. Sounds like me!

mq, cb said...

LF is clearly going to be a demon driver. She'll be on Top Gear in 20 years' time, trading quips with a super-annuated Jeremy Clarkson.


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