Thursday, 7 May 2009

Better things

Because it isn't all doom and gloom all the time, I thought I ought to mention some of the better things we have going on here right now.

A biggie - all care seems to be sorted for all the children whilst Little Fish has her hip op. She'll be able to drive her power chair and our new bus will be here so there will be enough room for us all to get out and about. Mog and the Wahooligan will both be having good times in different places leaving me free to concentrate on Little Fish. So now we just need to pray the operation goes ahead as planned and no one decides to cancel at the last minute. Empty beds please!

Smaller perhaps but big to me still. My sitter caught sight of this as she dug us out of our pit did a spot of tidying up last night.
And when I got home, she asked me if I'd mind leaving her all my ironing to do. Apparently she loves ironing and it would make her very happy. Since I hate ironing, it would make me very happy too. All round happiness always good.

I gave up on ever getting to Tesco this month; I haven't managed to do a proper shop since March and Budgens doesn't cut it after a while. So yesterday I finally organised my way through an online shop, and today it arrived. And, possibly for the first time ever in the history of online deliveries, the deliverer arrived with a big beaming grin and a "No substitions today, Missus". Hurrah. And now, thanks to Tesco and to a friend, I have 4 jars, 2 cartons, 3 packets and 1 tin of coffee. I think that should see me through the next couple of weeks quite nicely.

I was running late, so late I had no time to stop for petrol. And I managed to drive to Aylesbury and halfway back on an empty tank.

It's not been a totally wonderful day; I've been running late through most of it. Mog's school bus hit my neighbour's car this morning and then went AWOL with Mog for 40 minutes this afternoon. More phone calls, more complications, more deadlines missed. But, three children sleeping quietly, three outfits planned with Trina, no one vomiting and everyone's bowels open but not excessively so. On balance, a day more good than not I think.



MOM2_4 said...

So glad things are set for LF's op. Praying all goes as planned!

So that's what an ironing board looks like. I don't have an ironing board any more and my iron is only used for craft projests for the girls - ironing bead projects so the beads melt together kind of thing ;o) Me bad!! YAY for someone to do your ironing!!!!!!!

Hugs & Prayers Dear!

Anonymous said...

When is Lf's op scheduled for? Hope and pray it will all go as planned.
How wonderful--someone asking to do your ironing! I say with tongue in cheek--iron what's that-- even though I have an iron and ironing board--I DON"T use them.

Doorless said...

Lovely ironing board cover. Before children I loved to iron! The week before My oldest dughter was born I stayed at my parents and did up 6 baskets of ironing! I was in my glory!
Now my ironing board is in the shed. My iron comes out when I sew and I have a heat proof pad to lay on the counter or table to press seams.
Let us know when the hip surgery is . I will pray all the planning goes well. So happy about the new van. It is lovely!

mq, cb said...

Online grocery shopping is the bomb. You spend more money than you would ever have thought possible but on the other hand, it gets delivered in a reasonably ordered and coherent way. Convenience tends to win out for me.

Now, all you have to do is choose your delivery sort and press re-order all and you can get it all again. You will never run out of coffee ever again. How great is that?


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