Friday, 1 May 2009

Won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

We met our new car today.

We like it.


Doorless said...

OOH! What a nice van. Congratulations. I'd love a new van.Enjoy.

Michelle said...

Woowie! That is awesome!

Michelle & Emily

Becca said...

Egads! All shiny, congratulations.

I've got a Sprinter too, they're absolutely fantastic vans. Who adapted it for you?

MOM2_4 said...

WOOT!! Congratulations!!

Tia said...

It's new to us rather than new new, Aspect Conversions are the converters and could not have been more helpful.

Much to Little Fish's disgust it has gone away again now to have extra tracking fitted but they will be bringing it back properly for us within the week.


Caroline said...

Lovely !

Anonymous said...

ooohhh a big red bus. We'll have to become the little red bus! Looking forward to meeting it soon!

Anonymous said...

cor. We're waiting for the grants dept to tell us if they'll pay the deposit for a van. Then we'll choose one. Need space for 2 wheelchairs.

Beth said...

ooo nice ,its very much like ours except ours is a vito.We are hopefully getting a new one soon,probably a renault Master.I will miss my Merc!

Anonymous said...

puts our pug to shame ... So glad you have a new van though :)

Elinor said...

Very swanky!


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