Sunday, 10 May 2009


Does the word really need the instructions at the bottom of this page?

For those who can't read it, they are directions to tilt your head
sideways in order to read a number sideways. Which leads me to wonder
how many people phoned the company complaining about the strange
unrecogniseable numbers before the instructions were added. And then
to worry that I should perhaps put a "caution, water may be hot"
notice on my kettle. And then I wonder whether that is any worse than
the "caution: may cause drowsiness" warning on Mog's sedative.

I had a great long post but Internet has died again so you're stuck
with this snippet. Just call me Wonko.*


*points for reference. But points do not, in this instance, mean prizes.


Anonymous said...

I have read my toothpicks. But there are too many David Bowies, so I chose to return inside the asylum. I claim my points! SLATFATF.


Doorless said...

I think that is so nice they rebate your electric charge. My electric bill is so high. I think with the two alternating pressure mattreses, suction and nebs it would be very nice. But, not in the good old USA!
Your health care is so much more progressive there.

Doorless said...

I forgot to add why do they have to put these numbers in places that require you to be able to do yoga to read them? Who thinks of that?

Trina and Jophie said...

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day! So, are you going to show us a picture of the meter numbers so we can twist our head over to the side also???
Michelle in USA


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