Monday, 11 May 2009

Monday Monday

I could post a long and tedious post here about the many frustrations of the day. Little things like the postman delivering my neighbour's post, the new bus not being here, and the many many phonecalls we need to make. Bigger things like the sick child, Mog's new pressure sore, Little Fish's weeps at the discovery that the Wahooligan won't be coming to hospital with her when she has her op (strange child; not fussed about the operation but desperately worried that the Wahooligan will need her).

I could have a lovely long deep wallow in the pool of the poor pitiful meeeee. But ultimately it's boring to listen to and depressing to list.

So, instead, here's our list of good things from today.
  • I've just come back from Guides and didn't feel the need to shout at any of them for anything.
  • All three children are asleep.
  • Our bus is on its way, even if it's delayed.
  • The final bits of the care package for the other two are sorted so I really can just worry about Little Fish's op focus on Little Fish.
  • Our friends found out today they will definitely be able to come on holiday with us next month, so we will be spending a week together at the Wheelabout.
  • Our sitter was not phased by the idea of caring for a particularly sick child, brought her own iron with her, and left me with this as well as three sleeping children.


Anonymous said...

Love your list of good things! Praying today's list will be even longer and the frustrations will be minimal!


Elinor said...

Nice one.


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