Saturday, 16 May 2009

The biggest brace in the world

Our surgeon was not overimpressed with the measurers. And a smaller
one is now on order. Meanwhile, Little Fish got to try out the
wheelchair she'll be borrowing for the next six weeks. Even without
the difficulties seeing over the top of it she can't reach the wheels,
so getting around is going to be interesting for the next few weeks.
Her powerchair has been semi adapted, but I need a set of Allen keys
to fix it safely enough to satisfy the hospital OT.

Little Fish had a nap earlier, and so I slipped downstairs in search
of coffee. I bought her a magazine at the same time, and came back to
give her a present. "Why you got me a present, Mummy? It my Birthday?"
I explained that it was a present for being so patient and helping the
doctors even when they were doing things she didn't like. "Oh sank you
werry much Mumma".

And then I sat back feeling smugly pleased that I have raised a child
who does not expect constant presents and who wouldn't dream of using
a mere hospital stay to wheedle gifts from her guilty mother. Alas, my
smugness lasted approximately 87 minute 34 seconds. "I finished this
one now you got another present for me Mumma I big brave girl for
you." Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.



Trina and Jophie said...

Bwwwaaaahhaaaa!! She's lookin' mighty fine Tia....Prolly good thing she can't reach those wheels at the moment cause that grin is sooooo rotten she'd surely mow down every unsuspecting nurse/doctor/patient throughout the whole hospital. I'm guessing you'd never catch her either! hahaha

Talk soon...

Trina and Jophie

sarah bess said...

cuteness personified.

Tina said...

You are a very braver girl Little Fish. But also one hwo makes Mummy very proud I know depsite the blushes!
Senidng you both much love and many hugs.

Doorless said...

LF You are so cute! Tia, I bet it is good she can't reach the wheels. What a wonderful child. Far more advanced than she was first supposed to turn out. I am sure all to your loving care.

Michelle said...

Look at that girl! You'd never know she just had surgery. Still praying for a nice recovery, even though she is smiling! I hope she doesn't get too demanding and you can get some rest.
Michelle & Emily in USA

Becca said...

Aww! Big fail on the brace, though - that sucks bigtime.

That chair doesn't look too hot, see if it's possible to beg/borrow/hire a Chunc one instead, seriously superior design.

Hang in there, guys! xx

Robyn said...

omw on that brace!!!! someone needs a better tape measure!

lol on the magazine....:)

squidges coming her way xx


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