Sunday, 31 May 2009

One for the physios.

Can anyone tell me why this child, who cries each morning if we forget omit to put on her Hensinger Collar when she is sitting up, can manage this?
For two hours?
And love it, and not drop her head once?

Surely it must be harder to hold your head up when prone than when upright?

Peverse child.


Sandy said...

love these pics so much .. I dont know why she can do that .. but I am glad she can! .. beautiful smiling girl just made my day xxx

Mum said...

Probably because she likes to confound the experts!!

Beautiful pics. :D


Sara x said...

I dont know how she does it, but the photos are beautiful xxx

Elinor said...

Now there's a cheering sight. Mog looks lovely.


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