Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Always learning

You learn something new every day. So here's a few of the things I've learnt these past few days.

I have learnt that you can't put pullover pyjamas on a small child when small child is hooked up to oxygen.

I am used to walking out and about with children who have NG tubes. But the sympathetic head tilt and "you're so brave/such a shame/is it cancer?" looks and comments we get when out and about multiply ridiculously when the same child has an air hose slung around the neck and up the nose. Although, considering the amount of tape necessary to keep the cannulae in place it is possible some of these glances are just checking there is in fact a face under there somewhere. I am still learning the process of how exactly to react when the people we almost know (i.e. the people we meet on our daily school runs but never do more than say a quick hello in passing) start to say hello then suddenly become hugely busy with something on the other side of the road.

I have learnt that hell hath no fury like a woman whose daughter has managed to kick over the urine jug midway through the cathing process sending wee over the floor and down my trousers.

I have learnt that threading camels through the eyes of needles would be easy in comparison to trying to pick bogeys out of nostils already containing an NG tube and a nasal cannula.

I have learnt that it is not a good idea to put soluble prednisolone into a syringe, draw up water into the syringe and then shake the syringe violently. Although if I can get a good supply of pred I may consider this for future waterfights.

I have discovered that, however many phonecalls are made and received during the course of the day, there will always be one phonecall left to make which will only be remembered after 6PM. I am learning that this will be the same phonecall forgotton on Monday and Friday and Thursday.

On a similar note, I am reminded that, however many drugs you reorder from the GP there will be one mediction in particular which is constantly forgotten.

I have learnt that soaking the covers of Little Fish's chair in washing soda to get rid of the Weetabix, porridge and paint will cause the plastic coating to melt and puddle in one corner.

And apparently I still have not learnt that stacking paperwork on the windowsill and under the settee and behind the computer and beside the toaster is not the same thing as actually dealing with it.



Michelle said...

I'm sure you tried saline in the boogie nose, but have you tried a "nasal olive"? I'm not sure that is the name of it, but it is a little tip to be used with the suction machine. Perhaps something like that might work for you.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Thanks for this honest post! I think I may have alot to learn from you when Jeremiah is home!


Anonymous said...

And why do you always remember the 6 emails you should have sent only after you've shut down the computer to go to bed?

Good list.


Trina and Jophie said...

LOL....Really? Stacking all the papers in different locations isn't really taking care of them? :0)

Talk later tonight....
Trina and Jophie

MOM2_4 said...

You cretainly learned a lot 8-/ I with Trina... stacking papers in different locations isn't taking care of them - really? Whimper... better come up with a different method ;o)


Elinor said...

Here endeth the lessons! Great list.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ...stacking paper work IS taking care of them :-) or so it seems from your comment replies so theres enough of us to agree. :-) And thankyou for the smile. Lori. xx

Tina said...

Ahhh but it is so satisfying when you sort through the various piles and realise that binning them is the only option as they are out of date!

I went through a massive pile yesterday and reduced it to a smaller pile of almost urgent things that may just wait till Frideay when I have a morning free!
A damp cotton bud works reasonably well in the nose....I wip the canulae out a second and remove the hard ones and then put it back!...the canulae not the bogies!
Hugs hope this is not a long lasting phase for you both

Anonymous said...

wd40 -works wonders on weetabix, playdough etc in carpets and on chairs!

I really enjoy your blogs Tia x


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