Thursday, 14 May 2009

Au Revoir, Renault

We decided to make the most of Little Fish's last chance to get wet for a few months.

I think the chap who turned up with our new van was impressed!
We like the new van. We like it lots. Although we still can't clamp LF's power chair in properly - anyone know a restraint system which has carribinas at the front and not at the back? Or should we just clamp her in rear facing?



Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
Adorable x 1 million = Littlefish.
(you can tell its SATS week).
Good Luck,will be thinking of you.
Loved the birdsounds.

Becca said...

Tia - EZ Lock perhaps?

It's how my chair gets clamped into my van and neatly side-steps the problem of the chassis on my chair being ever-so-slightly too fat for carabiners.

Michelle said...

Oh Little Fish, you make me smile! The birds singing in the background are nice too.
Michelle in the USA


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