Monday, 4 May 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

Had a nothing kind of day today. Our carer didn't show up this
morning, and by the time we'd waited to see if she was just late, we
were very late. And by the time we had dealt with the wet beds and I had got over my irritation at setting my alarm for no reason, we were so late we decided to cancel the morning. So we sat with playdough and books and music and had a lazy hour behore lunch.

Half expecting visitors in the afternoon so we stayed around and lazed around and did nothing very much until we realised they definitely weren't coming. So then we did some more nothing until suddenly it was bedtime and we had done nothing all day long.

And then, children in bed, I sat down at the computer, and my Internet connection died, so thisvpost is brought to you by the power of the iPhone. So I ate my tea and then I came to bed.


Michelle said...

I bet tomorrow will be filled with something more! Hugs from this side of the pond.

Michelle and girls in USA

Trina said...

LOL! That looks like my sink right now!

Talk later......

Trina and Jophie

Doorless said...

Sounds like a very nice mini vacation. Unfortunataly, I bet you tomorrow will more than make up for it!
That could be my stash in my sink right now. Rest well.

Post Pals said...

Hello, i just found your blog via Bethanys and had a read so thought I would leave a message to say "Hi"

Love Vikki

mq, cb said...

That sounds like most of my weekends.

Is LF less busy now and more reconciled to her blanket?

Tia said...

No she's always busy; even when she's asleep she's too busy sucking her thumb through her sleeve to want a blanket. Right now she's busy fighting the Wahooligan for ownership of a soggy muslin square.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
I have loads of nothing days.Makes me appreciate the something days!
love Millgirl


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