Thursday, 17 December 2009

Day 4

More of the same. Mog remains on oxygen, fractionally less than she was on this morning, considerably less than she was on this afternoon and a little more than she was on at one point. She is tired but seems otherwise wellin herself; coughing and needing suction but then that's been normal for her since August.

Little Fish says she is poorly too and should stay with me. She wants me to stay with her, but then decides at the last minute I should stay with Mog. She had a wobble at school today, and when I collected her early we decided she should skip the last day of term tomorrow. Either she is actually ill, in which case she should not be at school, or she's really worried about being apart from Mog and myself, in which case she should not be at school. I think part of her wobble factor is the change in school routine too; lots of goodbyes and special treats and wild excitement which she doesn't really understand. LF met Father Christmas at a party last week, and he gave her a selection box. As far as she's concerned, that's it now; so when people ask her what FC might be bringing, she just looks confused and tells them "I seen 'im already".

No idea when Mog'll be out of here. Everyone keeps saying she'll do it when she's ready. And I know that's true; I just wish she were ready now! We do have nice staff - experienced staff too - and I've upset one of the student nurses but I suspect she might have more of an idea about children with Mog's level of disability now. That or she'll remain forever terrified of children "like that" and their scary parents.

Well, aside from the bipbop of monitors not attached to my child, and the cries of children not my own (both, therefore, sounds which I can happily tune out), the ward is silent. Mog is due a nebuliser in half an hour, and I am going to enjoy a brief nap before that happens.

Night all


Doorless said...

You are such a good mum. Glad you are keeping LF home tomorrow.Praying Mog is home and much better soon so all of you can rest at home!

Anonymous said...

Hope Mog is able to come out of hospital very soon. Have been worried about you all and the rest of the family. Everything seems to be happening at the same time. Love, Yvonne xxx

Alesha said...

praying for you all! i understand about the student nurses...they either try so hard that they are all-consuming when they enter the room, or they are utterly clueless...neither of which is helpful!

we'll be taking Isaac to the dr. tomorrow, as his fever keeps popping up.

talked to Laura today...she is praying for you all, too. :o)


Anonymous said...

awww at LF.

Doorless said...

Praying Mog is doing much better. Have been worried.


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