Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This post is not about my brother in Scotland, who is nearly a father now. And it isn't about my other brother, although after reading what he's been going through this week, it probably should be. Scary stuff.

This post is about Little Fish. LF, my own Clingon child who wobbles at the thought of me going out for the evening, even when she knows I will only be five minutes away, even when she knows the sitter. Little Fish, who after many tears and tantrums last night whilst I was helping Mog and packing for hospital, decided that the best way for us to say goodbye was for me to put her into bed as the ambulance turned around, say our goodnight prayers and have a big kiss, and then sleep peacefully knowing I was taking Mog to see the doctors.

Little Fish, who, whilst pleased to see me when I collected her from school, was more concerned about checking up on Mog. Little Fish who busily informed all the staff that her sister had "A 'fection", and who sat beside me as I cuddled Mog, asking everyone when we could take Mog home.

Little Fish who was pleased to see Grannie, and excited about riding in Grannie's car. And Little Fish who, when Grannie gave her a stuffed toy reindeer, immediately said "My sister like that, we give her a present", who turned to me and kissed me, and then sent me back off upstairs to deliver a reindeer.

I do love that girl!


Signing! said...

What an amazing little girl! Clearly got a great mum too! Hope she enjoys the attention of Grannie looking after her whilst Mog is poorly.

Alesha said...

Precious child!

She's living what she's learned: those who are sick are to be taken care of with great care; and we make sacrifices for those we love.


(Pics of Laura and the kids on my blog!)

Doorless said...

You are such a good mum. You have taught LF well by your example. She is truly an amazing little girl.
Praying Mog is better very soon. This has to be so hard on you right now. I am so glad both girls have you.

Pagangracecat said...

Way to go Little Fish. What a wonderful little girl... and the previous poster was right - she has a wonderful example in her Mum.

Here's to Mog as well - hope she is feeling better.

Tina said...

Love and huggles LF you are a great sister I know Christina would want to send you a huggle too! Hope you are all back home soon

Sara x said...

You have raised a wonderful, kind and caring daughter. I bet you are so proud of her.xxx

Anonymous said...

Who could ask for a kinder little sister? K x


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