Saturday, 5 December 2009

Huggle Time

Today I spent about eight hours cuddling Little Fish, with her curled into my lap and my arms around her in a manner designed for her comfort and not my own. Very nice, but very unusual - I can't help wondering what's up.

We did break for fresh air; after an hour of pleading to go shopping (pre-huggles) we wrapped up and headed out of the door. and by the time we had reached the bottom of the drive, Little Fish was crying and begging to go back inside again. But refusing to turn around, adamant that we needed more ham and chocolate spread. So she cried her way around the shops, cried her way home, insisted she didn't want any kind of lunch at all and then equally insistent she wanted to eat mine. And then we sat and cuddled.

And cuddled, and cuddled, and huggled and snuggled and cuddled. And Mog looked on a little, and mostly slept, and occasionally coughed. And we watched DVDs and snuggled some more, had some weeps at bedtime and then into bed with a happy sigh and asleep before I had closed the door.

Not coughing, not hot, not visibly lurgied, not complaining of feeling poorly or tired. SHalfway back from the shops she told me she was very sad, but couldn't say why.

I hope tomorrow's happier.


Tina said...

Oh dear poor Little Fish, hope the huggles have helped and she feels better tomorrow. Glad Mog didnt protest too much. Rosie is never to keen for me to huggle Eve too long!

swift said...

Poor Little Fish :( I hope she (and you) have a brighter day tomorrow.

Sara x said...

Hope tomorrow finds her back to herself and up to mischief xx

Doorless said...

OOOH! Poor LF I am so glad she has a mum like you. Praying tomorrow is a better day for her.

sarah bess said...

awww, great. precious.

Pagangracecat said...

Hope you had a happier day today Little Fish.


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