Sunday, 20 December 2009

Twenty One

Today would have been my Goldie's twenty-first birthday. I don't have to wonder how we'd have celebrated; I know there would have been pizza, chocolate cake, candles and nursery rhymes. From her first birthday with us to her last, this is how she chose to celebrate.

Presents weren't really relevant to her, although if they had shiny paper or were exact duplicates of things she already had then they'd probably go down ok. People were important to her; her best present was your presence.

Well, now we're here and she's not, but her favourite pizza place still is, and so we had pizza for lunch on her behalf.

Happy Birthday, my beloved Pizza-Eater.


Alesha said...

ah...sweet memories of your Goldie. thank you for sharing her with us. I smiled yesterday when I saw her in the pic behind Mog's big smiling face. :o)

Isaac likes repeat gifts too...comfort in the familiar, I guess.


Tina said...

Happy Birthday special girl. Always in my thoughts and prayers Tia and girls
giggleing over chocolat cake on the Isle of Wight

Doorless said...

Happy birthday Goldie. Bet you are singing as loudly as you wnat and enjoying your favorite pizza any time you wand. You are missed.
(((Huggs))) Tia

You mean there's more??? said...

Thinking of you.

She was a star, and like a star shone bright in the lives of others.


Pagangracecat said...

Oh that was lovely Tia... as were the other posts it linked to. God Bless you Goldie... I bet they have heavenly pizza in heaven. My son has a 20th December birthday too... so special are these Christmas children. I give thanks for the luxury of having him.


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