Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

A quick swim this morning nearly finished us off. 2 hours to get ready, 1 hour of tantrums afterwards and a stack of soiled towels, and all for just 20 minutes in the water. But then the rest of the day spent doing nothing very much at all, dipping Pringles into custard (not me), reading (me), and just chilling out (all of us) meant the girls were up for a late night.

A text from my brother with the best possible news meaning we could go out to celebrate with light and thankful hearts.

All to one friends' holiday house for eats and drinks and watching many silly adults dancing with wiis. The girls lasted til 11, which is impressive given their usual fall-apart-if-not-in-bed-by-7 state of affairs. Even then, Little Fish conceded defeat with just a hint of "I tired", and held it all together until I told her she couldn't watch High School Musical before bed. Now she's fast asleep, Mog is in bed and singing quietly to herself, and I can hear the others gathering to see the New Year in.

A very happy New Year to everyone; may 2010 be everything you need it to be.
Tia and the girls.


HennHouse said...

Happy New Year!

We've still got a few hours until the clock strikes midnight...!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! (Well, except for not enjoying the pool.) A little more than an hour to go here!

Thanks and best wishes to your family, too!


Pagangracecat said...

Happy New Year to you all. Hoping 2010 is a good time for you all.

Jacqui said...

Happy New Year Tia and family.

Kris said...

sounds like it was a hit :O) we were all out by 10 at the latest. i'm like... getting OLD or something or motherhood is wearing me out (in the best of ways)!

very happy new year to you and yours!

Alesha said...

Happy New Year, Tia, Mog and Little Fish!


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