Tuesday, 15 December 2009

This was not in the plan

"She's fitting; four minutes" shouted the escort, bursting through our front door with Mog and then running back to the bus. One smallish girl, eyes wide, gasping for breath, yes I can see how it might look like a seizure, but no, this was a child in serious need of some suctioning. Slurp slurp gurgle gurgle and the panicked look subsided, leaving one very hot and gurgly little girl. More suction, saline nebs, major amounts of fever relievers, and 90 minutes later the realisation we weren't actually managing to calm her breathing.

Call for reinforcements and a call for an ambulance; cover for Little Fish, and two crews debating the best way to get Mog, the "I will sit upright or stop breathing" child into hospital together with all her gear. Oxygen for Mog, who takes three breaths through the mask and relaxes totally, all panic gone. Apnoea in the ambulance isn't great, but better than at home, and it does ensure a dr or two ready and waiting when we arrive.

Salbutamol, then bloods and an x-ray, and Mog has a beautiful lower right sided chest infection. According to her book, she was absolutely fine at school apart from needing some extra suction. I'm trying not to think this could have been avoided if the escorts were able to suction, but this is now the second time she's come off the bus in distress and ended up being bluelighted to hospital.

Oral antibiotics, wean her off the o2 overnight and home this morning was the plan. Down from 10litres to 8, switch masks and down to room air by 4am. Great. Except that at 7 she decided she really quite liked the oxygen, and since then she's been alarming steadily until the nurses gave up on wafting it and she's now back on a steady 5litres. So I'm thinking probably not home this morning. We're up at the top of the hospital at the moment; very pretty views out over the main entrance. There have been mutterings about moving us down to the medical ward; but as this is the busiest time of year, who knows?



Claire said...

Mog knows how to make your life more interesting. I hope she is feeling better soon and breathing normally again too.

Love Claire

Anonymous said...

Praying Mog can kick the O2 soon, and you can get home very soon! Hope LF is OK without you.
Catherine x

Pagangracecat said...

God Bless you Mog - get better soon and home for Christmas. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you, your family and all the people caring for you.

sarah bess said...

Not fun. Praying for you both.

Alesha said...

Oh goodness! Certainly not part of the plan!!!

Praying Mog's chest will clear up soon, and that you will be winging your way back home SOON!

Praying for Little Fish, that this little glitch will not upset her too badly; that she will be peaceful and happy until the two of you are home again.

Isaac is spiking fever and coughing quite a bit...will probably head to the dr. tomorrow. Sigh...not in our plans either; but thankful he is still home. SO...praying more for you.

Gentle {{{hugs}}} to Mog,

Swift said...

Praying that Mog gets off O2 and home soon, and that Little Fish is coping ok.

Doorless said...

Praying for all of you. Come on Mog you can do it! It is more fun to be home!

Sara x said...

Praying for Mog, hope you get out soon. Wish i had the answers to the many questions. All i can offer is virtual hugs xx


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