Saturday, 12 December 2009

Little Fish Talk

I burnt my finger yesterday. Deeply traumatic; it's my texting finger. Little Fish saw that all was not well and leaned across, grabbed my hand, daintily inspected my finger, and said "Aww Mumma, what you do that for?"

I can't think where she gets her sympathy from.

We went for a longer than planned drive yesterday - detouring to drop off the cardboard boxes and then to collect more cat litter. As we navigated the not insignificant traffic, which included the inevitably suicidal lorry drivers, Little Fish noticed the signs written on the sides of most of the vans we passed. Tick, tick; I could hear her mind turning over.

"Why we not have writing on our bus, Mumma?"

I explain that we just don't (intelligent debate, always good). We drive on in silence for a while, and I am curious, and ask her what she'd like to have written on our bus, if we did have something.

She thinks for a bit before replying. And I like her idea. It's catchy, a message which works so well in so many different situations. And again, I can't think where the phrase came from. So, if you happen to be driving around, and you spot a large red bus with two beautiful girls in it and an increasingly wonky lift at the back, just check the graffiti for final confirmation that you have in fact found us.

The message?

"Stop that NOW!"


Doorless said...

I love that! LF is so bright and I think that you shoule have that on your Van! Clever child. Hope your finger is better soon!

Anonymous said...

this eBay seller will make car stickers to your own design ... go on, I dare you!! ;-)**v-creative**&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSX:SELLERID

K x

Tina said...

hehehe I like it LF.
I always wanted Hilliermobile!!

but your idea is far better! we would certainly know we had found you!

sarah bess said...


Sharon said...

Ask Little Fish if I can put that on my car too-LOVE it.

Alesha said...



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