Sunday, 27 December 2009

A less than stellar start

Some interesting assistance from Little Fish; funny but distracting. One pump charger forgotten and returned home to collect. Frustrating, but also a sense of relief that we had only gone half a mile.

One ferry just missed and a 90 minute wait for the next.

One Mog, still full of giggles, but also turned into a one woman poo factory. Apparently ferry travel is the ultimate constipation cure; it shook out several days' worth.

One arrival at the very nice holiday apartment to discover "laundry facilities" which are not quite the same as a washing machine in the kitchen. Two very tired and smelly girls. One foully despoiled wheelchair. And the ever pleasing discovery that spare covers are still at home. As is the phone charger, meaning this update will be very brief as my phone is also my clock overnight.

Still; we got here safely as did our friends, and we'll join them tomorrow - too tired tonight

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