Monday, 7 December 2009

I don't like Mondays

Except that actually, I do. But the title fits this photo better, don't you think?

Little Fish refused a shower last night "I 'ad one last week, Mumma". I'm sure that more than one shower each week wouldn't kill her, but it wasn't the time for grand arguments. This morning she woke up and decided "I not want to be a smelly poo poo head, Mumma", so she rushed through a very fast shower and emerged smelling of Panthene, Teatree and Lime. Lovely. The grumpiness was due to the speed of the shower, but if you don't wake up until 7.30 and have to leave for school at 8.30, and it takes some time to eat and get dressed, showers have to fairly fast. Perhaps she'll decide a bedtime shower might be better next time.
Not a hint of the weekend's distress - lots of chatter about how her TA might be getting dressed too and how her teacher might be in the classroom getting everything ready and how her best boys might be eating toast just like her. Much keenness to get to school and "I kiss you we say goodbye I see you later", and she was in the door and I was out of it again and that was that.

And then three minutes ago the school rang, and I thought that was probably it, and she'd wobbled and needed picking up. But it wasn't; instead the head wants a meeting to talk about her support levels. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Either way, she's in school and much happier about it - perhaps she just needs school seven days a week?



Alesha said...

So glad she was back to her happy little self this morning!!! PTL!


Pagangracecat said...

Glad to hear that LF was baxk to her sunny self today. School 7 days a week? From another mother I have to say that's a very tempting thought sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Celyn went through a stage of hating weekends and being grumpy because she preffered the fun of school.
All I need is 30 extra children bustling around her to be happy....

Anonymous said...

Pleased she seems to be over her sadness or whatever it was... hope meeting in school goes OK.
K x


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