Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I do it!

"Not help me, I do it myself!"
"Help me do it myself."

Clothes on, toast spreading, dolls dressing, teeth brushing, you name it, this is her refrain. Interrupted briefly for a quick round of "I want that/I not like that/you not eat that" whilst shopping today. Inbetween the mass frustration and mutual impatience though, it is deeply satisfying to have a child begging not for chocolate but for carrots and smoked salmon. And as for the rest, please keep reminding me independence is important.



Pagangracecat said...

Oh that post rang an awful lot of bells Tia. J is exactly the same - even with his bendy fingers which mean he struggles with buttons and I have to let him "do it myself" which is inevitably followed by "you do it Mum".
Yes - independance is important but oh my goodness it's a journey to get there sometimes.

Tina said...

Joshua's Refrain was always:-
Me Do IT! Ohh help me! no no dont touch it! Help me dont touch it me do it!
Now he is 13 it more likely me saying....Joshua can you do this for me please!

Independance is great believe me..you just need to have patience for it to come the full circle and work to your advantage!

Kris said...

independence is important :O) my girl is always asking for chocolate milk. you have me beat on the good stuff. she loathes carrots. :O(


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