Friday, 11 December 2009

Thanks to Becca and Laura

Remember this?
Becca found us the stripey ones, and oh my they're beautifully soft. And they came with another pair which I might just have to keep for myself. Thanks, Becca! And then yesterday there was a parcel in the post with lots of interesting letters on the front, and the pair on the left inside. All the way from Japan, together with some toys for the girls. Thanks, Laura! All the more amazing when you know that Laura managed to find these socks, parcel them up and post them out to us whilst packing for her family holiday, a major part of which will be flying solo with three of her children, one of whom is profoundly disabled, from Japan across America.
And by the time Laura reads this she will I hope be safely settled seeing family she's not seen for years and friends she's only met on line, and I hope the pain involved in the travel preparation has been all worthwhile.



Alesha said...

:o) that just warms the cockles of my heart!

Doorless said...

Awesome! I need your address you can send it to my e mail addy. Keep warm!

Becca said...

Hurrah! Does Her Ladyship approve?

Caroline said...

Excellent - glad you now have some "Brownie" socks, I will stop looking now !


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