Saturday, 19 December 2009

Red Letter Day

A beautiful day

We are home!
And if that weren't enough, the post brought a letter stating that the local education authority have finally agreed that Little Fish needs all the help we've been saying she needs, and will from now on fund 38 hours 45 minutes individual assistance each week (mathematicians may realise that's more than the total hours of the school week, but it will include the times where she needs two staff for various reasons.

Happy Christmas to all of you; I can start feeling festive now!


Anonymous said...

Great news!! Mog looks pleased to be home! Hope you can now enjoy the run up to Christmas. Catherine x

Pagangracecat said...

And a Happy Christmas to you as well Tia. Hello Mog - so good to hear that you are at home with your sister and all the family again. Have a lovely Christmas and am sure Santa will be visiting you.

Becca said...

About bloody time! Glad to hear it - Little Fish is going to be a support-person user a lot and this is a good start. When she's a bit bigger they'll be called PAs.

Mog looks great - and Hensinger collar is adorned with some yellow socks, I note.

Incidentally, had you thought about trying Mog (possibly part-time) at Litte Fish's school? Not a straightforward one, I know, but certainly doable...

Anonymous said...

That's great news on both accounts, and Mog is obviously thrilled to have escaped! Sending you all Merry Christmas wishes.


Doorless said...

Awesome ews. Mog certainly looks happy to be home! Glad LF will be getting all the help she needs at school!
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Elinor said...

Yay! Such good news.

Happy Christmas.

Almost American said...

Great news on both counts!
Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great to see Mog home. Huge hugs to all. Tree is looking good. Y xxx

Anonymous said...

Good to see you looking so much better Mog, and smiling too. What a great early present for Mummy


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