Friday, 22 July 2011

Back in the jug agane

So it turns out that the Little Princess' headaches are definitely not supposed to be happening. Another bad bout won us the dubious privilege of an admission to try to sort them out.

A second inconclusive CT scan now followed by a late night insertion of an intracranial pressure monitor. One decentish night's sleep with what looked to the laywoman to be fairly normal pressures.

One 39.5 temp at 6 am so a bit of a rude awakening. Everything else looking ok, so the dreaded bloods need to be taken at some point.

ICP monitor will stay on until she's had a headache. Probably an infection somewhere but intermittent nature of the problem doesn't shriek shunt infection, everything else seems fine so we may be here for a while trying to figure things out.

Meanwhile on the home front, Mog and our sitter were editors by a police raid on our neighbours in the wee small hours. She can't sit tonight; I wonder why?



Yvonne said...

Thinking of you all and hoping these headaches are quickly and easily cured.

pippinsmum said...

Poor LP, I hope and pray you soon get an answer to the problem. Hope you get the sitting sorted too.

doorless said...

Praying for answers, soon! too bad about the sitter.


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