Saturday, 23 July 2011

Essential bathroom accessories

Title relates to photo and not rear of the post.

In other news, we are home. Out on parole; have to report in on Monday morning and let the powers that be make more decisions. Hopefully the latest batch of urine and swabs will show something we can fix quite easily without needing to be readmitted.

Meanwhile, the Little Princess continues to run a temperature. She's operating at around 90%, getting tired but full of enthusiasm and very pleased to be home. She's also absolutely adamant that all three of us must stay together, struggling lots with the idea that any one of us might do something apart from the other two.

We should be at Guide camp right now. Clearly, that's not on the cards right now. But we are running down to visit them for a few hours tomorrow. This is, it turns out, a good thing, since we are now taking with us two tents, one lilo, one bunch of song books, and three smelly cheeses. All of which were somehow left behind this morning. Guide parents panic not; the tents aren't the ones the girls should be sleeping in, and the lilo belongs to a leader.

And for now I'm enjoying another quiet (I hope) night in my own snuggly memory foam bed; clean sheets, and the only noises those attached to my own girls, not the vomits and screeches and monitor shrieks attached to the best of children's wards. No bickering parents under the impression curtains are soundproof, no small children in distress, no nurses trying to gather obs. And, no gentle breeze flapping through our new tent, no scents wafting through the canvas, no starlight and moonshine turning rough turf into mountains and valleys. My lovely bed compensates for some of that though.



Yvonne said...

So pleased to read Little Fish is getting home and I'm hoping she will be at 100% soon. Shame she's missing the camp she was looking forward to. Don't envy you the drive to visit the Guides, why agree to go in a hot car with two smelly cheeses? Barf barf. How did your car get onto that shelf in the bathroom? Hope next week is a bit better for you all. xxx

doorless said...

Praying for heeling and comfort. Sorry you have to miss guide camp!
Love the furry bathroom essential!

MOM2_4 said...

So glad youy are home where snuggles can be had in the comfort of your own home.

Praying Monday give results and simple fixes and is all done witout a readmit.


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