Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Soundtrack to my life

Because Miss Mog has found her groove again, this is what we're hearing from after school until the Tizanidine terminates all thought, and from midnight until the Tizanidine does its thing again at 5am.

Don't try to interpret the Little Princess - they both think gobbledygook is funnier.

And, because life is just that interesting, I (hopefully) include links to two of my regular evening noises with no prize other than infinite kudos to whoever correctly identifies them both. Alternatively, this will be yet another blank post with baffling references to invisible links. Bear with me; I can't upload videos any more for some reason so am trying audio files instead.

Edit: because I am not technically literate, this is not something which is going to be happening tonight. Or any time soon. In the meantime, hopefully, here is the video which I couldn't get to upload earlier. Sometimes my life is unnecessarily complex.

Oh, and does anyone know how to convert voice memos from the iPhone into a more transportable audio file?



Ashley said...

Miss Mog sounds incredibly happy and well. Mummy's got a cough though- Maybe tea with honey?

Best wishes from Newfoundland

Order and Chaos said...

Love hearing Mog having a giggle - so glad she has her groove going on at the moment.


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