Friday 20 January 2012

New Arrival

No, not the one family are waiting for (but all the best with that, Y!) Nor yet a temporary fosling. But please meet Mr Benjamin Boots.

Please also ignore any typos, as he's standing on the keyboard trying to help me type.
Unlike Grolly and Gotcha when they came, he shows no fear.
Meep. Please come and play.

Excuse me.
Normal service may be resumed at some point when he deigns to slee.p. (extra full stop delicately inserted by one white paw).
Tia0000 (those OOs too)


Anonymous said...

Oh --- how cute. I'm sure you will all enjoy him.

Order and Chaos said...

Oh he is utterly gorgeous...I want one....I neeeeeed one lol.

Tina said...


pippinsmum said...

I get similar alterations to my typing if I try to use the keyboard whilst looking after my 16 month old Grandson. In fact I had to shred about 25 Christmas newsletters which all had numbers at the beginning of each line!


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