Tuesday 24 January 2012

Fluffy Stuff

Grolly is not best pleased with life right now.

There's a house invader. And he seems to be filling this house just as much as he fills the doll's house.

He's a lap surfer,
A child-fisher (it's possible she's a kitten-fisher, but it seems to be about equal),
phone hogger,

and power napper.

And her nose is seriously out of joint.

That said; it's not going too badly. They've met each other and had the odd hissy stand-off, but nothing more. Overnight, Benjamin has the sitting room and his beloved computer table, and Grolly has the rest of the house and the whole wide world. During the day, they both have most of the house, Grolly has exclusive access to my bedroom and the cat flap . And I'm only feeling a little bit like neutral territory when I have kitten on my shoulder peering down and cat at my knee, determinedly not looking up.

There is more to life than cats right now, but they do seem to be a fairly huge part of it.

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