Friday 27 January 2012

Mostly Good

Everyone up and off in time for school; two girls into chairs with no fussing and two cats sniffing each other instead of hissing.

A long deep bath, interrupted only by the occasional pair of blue eyes peering over the side, querying why on earth I'd want to mess up a good waterbowl by climbing in with bubbles.

A minor panic at the realisation I'd left myself just four minutes to get dressed, and then an inevitable interruption - this time from school saying Miss Mog was all "white and spiteful" and Just Not Right. I did however still manage to be clothed and decent before being picked up; I'm sure my friend was grateful for that.

A diversion to collect a fairly limp and pale Mog from school, and then on to the important business of the day - coffee with the ROSY ladies (and George). Where else can you go, be introduced to someone for the first time, and find people uttering the warning "there's a lot of poo talk, just so you know"? And there aren't many places where you can sort out an evening out, babysitters for that same evening out, and the loan of a changing bench for three weeks in the summer all without having to put your coffee cup down or pick up a phone. Nor are there many circumstances where you can be sniffling over the death of a friend's child whilst simultaneously discussing the creation or arrival of each others' children - conception, birth, death, poo and parties; we cover it all in just a couple of hours.

Move from coffee on to lunch; more chat, more laughs, more yummy food and a good prowl around the antique shop. Must. Resist.

Fortunes safely unspent, and home to the post. No much awaited parcel, just a speeding notice and offer to attend a Speeding Awareness Course or else take points and a fine. Grump.

A Grannie visit, and a photo of my precious newest nephew, born on the 25th. Congratulations to the Scottish contingent! And well done on finding a name which is truly unique and sounds well beside his sister.

And then the best news of all (because new baby news I've had for a couple of days now), two cats sniffing and finally kissing before settling down in different corners of the same room.

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Order and Chaos said...

Miss Mog looks very content with her little companion.


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