Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Dear outpatients department,
When a small child is vomiting, the phrase you're looking for is "How can I help?" and not "well they shouldn't have sent her down if she was going to do that.

Dear paediatrician,
"What is she doing?" really? You've not seen a child vomit before? Another time, grab a handful of paper towels for the parent catching it in her fingers before running out of the room to find someone who can help.

Dear Little Princess,
Stop vomiting.

Dear doctors back on the ward,
"Really bad bugs in her blood" doesn't cut it.

Dear everyone who has been involved in sorting out safe places for miss Mog, cuddling cats, taking in post, bringing me sneaky flasks of coffee and replacement knitting needles and playing games with the princess,
Thank you,

Dear Pseudomonas,
Bugger off



Anonymous said...

Please go away nasty bugs so Tia and the little princess can go home soon. Lots of bug banishing vibes.....


Mindo said...

So sorry to hear that tLP (and you) are having such a bad time of it.

Here's hoping that she will stop vomiting very soon and that you will be allowed out of prison.

Danni said...

That is not good :-( I am hoping Little Princess is better very soon so you can both go home.


pippinsmum said...

Oh Dear, praying all will soon be well xx

Lisa B said...

Oh dear. Hope tLP stops vomiting soon and you can get home. Bit of a fail on the part of the 'experts'.


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