Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas Close up.

Here's our Nativity scene. The figurines belonged to my Great Aunt, an amazing woman who died a couple of years ago. Jesus is in a drawer waiting for Christmas morning. And the third wise man had an unfortunate meeting with my elbow yesterday. Oops. Still, I've read nothing indicating that none of the Magi were disabled, so I think we might get away with it.

I think it looks beautifully cosy, organised, tidy, Christmassy. That's the close up. For the full story, take a look at the picture below.
Much more like real life!

Hopefully the eye is still drawn to the tableau and the tree.

I could probably make a clever point here about where my focus needs to be, Who needs to be central and above all the daily dross. But I have a feeling it's been said before, and better.


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akconklin said...

I never thought about keeping baby Jesus hidden away until Christmas morning. Although that makes complete sense! That is his birth DAY, and as such, he would not be part of the tableau yet! DUH! Sometimes our tradition takes over our common sense and the Scriptures!!!

Thanks for sharing that!


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