Wednesday, 5 December 2007


It's tough having Little Fish as a friend sometimes. Firstly there's her habit of running you over in her wheelchair, and the fact that she can make her chair go faster than you can toddle. It's not fair when you get stuck in your buggy and have to rely on a grown-up to push you about, whereas Little Fish gets to move her own big wheels around (and clamp her hands onto the wheels to stop Mummy from moving it if there's something she wants to take a better look at. Like a bus going past, or an ambulance, or a dog, or a car, or a crack in the pavement, or a sweet wrapper, or a well you get my drift). But then even once you're inside and having fun somewhere like the ballpool where ability to walk is reasonably irrelevant, it's still tough dealing with her speech impediment.

Little Fish has two friends. To the rest of the world, they are known as Danny and Jamie. According to Little Fish, they are "Debbie" and "Amy the boy-boy". They don't seem to mind.


I asked school about costumes today. Just as well I did; having brought out the same Mary costume three years in a row, this year both girls are angels. Little Fish may fit into a pillowcase, but I think Mog will need something a little more substantial. Tinsel halos it is then. Do angels have wings, or is that just fairies?

No sign of the pox yet, unless a request for bed at 5.30 three nights in a row is a sign of more than just a busy set of days.

Bob has been absent today, a planned absence at a trade fair. He's having large quantities of wood delivered here tomorrow morning, so I hope he turns back up again. I notice the lawn mower he left last time has been smuggled out of the house again; I had told his wife I was keeping it hostage until the work was finished. He has however left his mug, and his mate has left a packet of chocolate biscuits (mad fool!). We shall see.

I have enjoyed a day without the noise of the saw and the hammer. But my garden is now full of large wooden frames; apparently I now need two separate areas of decking and a wooden pathway. I was not previously aware of this need. I am also apparently in need of sunken outdoor lighting and a more complicated setting for Mog's fountain. I have however managed to convince him there is no need for a summer house. When I look out of my windows I see a garden perhaps 30 foot long and 20 foot wide. I wonder what size garden he sees, that it needs all these things?

I'm starting to think it might actually be finished by Christmas this time. I should probably stop thinking that way. To quote Friend, herself quoting from Clockwise "It's not the despair. I can handle the despair. It's the hope...." (nb disclaimer here; I've never watched it so can't recommend it or condemn it, I just like the line).

I think I need to change Little Fish's nickname. I've just found her trying to feed herself a large pinch of Aquarian Tropical Flakes. Must go.

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