Thursday, 20 December 2007

The kindness of strangers (and friends).

It's a birthday; someone should have presents. Someone, two someones actually, will. Our Community Children's Nurse called in yesterday. She brought a beautiful card signed by all our nurses, congratulating us on Little Fish's adoption. And she brought a saggy baggy bundle tucked under her arm. That bundle contained this for Little Fish.

And this for Mog.

These have been made by persons unknown, and given to the community nursing team to pass on to sick children who would appreciate them. Isn't that lovely? They're a good lap size, just right for chilly mornings . Mog is sitting wrapped up in hers at the moment.

Something which makes them extra special to me is this
This is a larger quilt a friend made for Goldy a few years ago. It lived on Goldy's bed. She slept under it in the summer, under it and a duvet in the winter, she snuggled under it when she was poorly. It moved out with her and was her nightly companion in her new house. And on Monday it came back to me. I think the other ones could have been made as companion quilts to it.

And here's a picture of Mog's new wall
Also here thanks to the kindness of a friend. Who gave her time willingly and unstintingly to prepare the room and then decorate it. Mog is sitting upright now taking a closer look; she really likes it.

Our lives are richer thanks to the kindness of strangers and friends.


Lauren said...

Wow, wow, wow. That bedroom is amazing. Mog must be the envy of little girls everywhere!
The blankets do look like they were made to go together. Thinking of you all today xxx

tina said...

Happy Bithday Goldy and wishing a day of Peace and memories.
Much love
Tina and co

Rx said...

its know you were in my thoughts and Goldy too..


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