Friday, 7 December 2007

Not suitable for vegetarians

This is a gratuitously carnivorous post. You have been warned.

Somerfield's had some reduced joints of beef yesterday. £0.79, too good to miss. Came home, and roasted it. Now the instructions on the pack conflicted mightily with the instructions in my never-fail cookbook, so I split the difference. And in due course, carved up a beautifully squelchily medium rare roast. Not being inclined to faff around with roasting potatoes and sorting out a pile of vegetables and Yorkshire Puddings, I sliced open a couple of bread rolls and made a roast beef sandwich.


Moist, tender, mildly pink. I retreated to the sitting room, beef sarnie in one hand, book in the other. Took a few mouthfuls, completely delicious. And then noticed that the bread itself had taken on a nicely pinkish tinge, and that there were drops of blood spattering the book. Returning to the kitchen I discovered the remains of the joint now sitting in a large pool of blood which had seeped across the kitchen counter and under the sugar bowl.

So did I
a) heave mightily and send the sandwich northwards?
b) return the remainder of the joint to the oven to cook a little longer?
c) finish the sandwich taking care to catch the blood on the plate rather than on the book?

Mmmm protein.


Lauren said...

euuuuuuuuuuurrrrgh why didn't I heed the warning?!

Tina said...

Oh deffinitely C Bef is mant to be eaten more rare than cooked isn't it???
sounds good!

akconklin said...

LOL! I'm thinking first "C" and then "B". Because we all know it's not really blood, it's just the juices of the meat!!! Right? At least that's what my dad always said! :-)



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