Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ten Minutes

It took about ten minutes to make the angel outfit last night. It took ten minutes for my sister in law to persuade my niece into it this morning. My niece consented to wear it for ten minutes during the church service, after which she stripped it off and donated the halo to my brother. Who had to wear it for the rest of the service, to the amusement of all who know him.

It was child central round here for a lot longer than ten minutes this afternoon, brother and sister in law having decided to go out for lunch leaving Niece here. She was very happy all the time except for the last ten minutes at which point her imaginary friend Esmerelda apparently decided she needed lots of cuddles with Daddy.

It will take me a lot longer than ten minutes to clean up the mess created by one typically developing toddler; I may think Little Fish can create a mess but at least if I take her out of her wheelchair she's confined to one room at a time.

Tomorrow I'm cooking for the family which means a meal for eleven. It was only yesterday I realised that this could be interesting; I have just four chairs and four stools. I hope people are willing to be very friendly!

And now to round things off neatly, our evening carer has just arrived and informs me it took her ten minutes to defrost her car before she could drive it here.

This post has taken a smidge over ten minutes to write (counting the time taken to top up tube feeds, welcome carer, and so on).


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