Tuesday, 18 December 2007

It pays to be organised

Or so I've always been told. Quite how much it pays, I've never quite managed to find out. Take today. I woke, refreshed and ready for the day, at 6AM. When our carer arrived at 7 I nipped out to Budgen's to grab some flowers for the girls' school staff (end of term gifts; I think they get enough chocolates and biscuits and 'fridge magnets so I give them something that'll be pretty for a few days and not clutter the house forever). I also managed to remember tea bags and sugar for Bob and co, and some butter for Christmas cooking. Yay me.

I then got home, raced the flowers into bags, threw some little bags together out of gold wallpaper and stuffed them with chocolate and LED candles for the girls' classmates. Woke up Little Fish, threw her into some clothes and threw some breakfast into her, and even managed to remember to wrap the biscuit tin for the bus drivers.

Phew, 9AM and I've done a full day's work. I then discover the consent form lying on the counter waiting for me to post. The post office is inside Budgen's. So when Little Fish gets back from nursery we head to Budgen's, post the letter, and pick up bread and a couple of other things I had forgotten.

Little Fish eats a quick lunch and I enjoy the bread, and then it's off to nursery for a Christmas Party. Hurrah. As I sip my mulled cranberry juice I realise that I have fogotten to buy Gaviscon twice so far today. We call back in to Budgen's on the way home.

Getting Little Fish out of the bus I realise she is a little soggy. This reminds me what else I needed to buy - nappies. I am not going back to Budgen's tonight!

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Lauren said...

Oh dear!... but thank goodness you have Budgens!


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