Saturday, 8 December 2007

A Duvet Day Diverted

This morning did not start well. Mog woke up very unhappy, crying except when she was sitting on my lap. Little Fish woke up just fine, but then started crying every time I picked Mog up. So I had the two girls, one crying and one smirking, depending on whether Mog was in her chair or on my lap.

Getting increasingly frustrated (8AM is way too early to be getting tired of dealing with the children by the way), I started making plans for us all to spend the day in my bed. Put Mog down for long enough to find a decent childfriendly DVD (sobs from Mog, smiles from Little Fish), pick Mog back up again and hunt for a decent book for myself (smiles from Mog, hysteria from Little Fish), make a pot of coffee, and generally frazzle myself with the alternating wails.

Until, from Little Fish "Mog nee a ba" (Mog needs a bath). All tears dry up from both girls. I ask Mog if she does need a bath and get a great big flip-top-head "yes" grin from her. Little Fish begins to strip herself off too; apparently they both need a bath.

So, I fill the bath, plonk Mog in her bath aid and dump Little Fish in the 8 inches of water the bath aid leaves behind. Both girls start singing. I, meanwhile, discover that I can reach the doorway of the bathroom with the computer still plugged in, so I am happy sitting on the floor and catching up with emails as they play. Heave them out after 40 minutes or so and the world is a much brighter place.

So much so that I decide to go on a quest for a Christmas Tree this afternoon. Little Fish seems interested in the "Oley Baby" but we don't find one of them to take home. Do find a tree, and although it's a couple of weeks earlier than I'd usually decorate, I decide that the forthcoming adoption day is worth celebrating too.

Good times.

And then I find the ornament that Goldy painted last year.


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